About Us

Our mission is to provide superior quality fall protection products to the International global market.

We achieve this by leveraging advancements in material sciences, engineering, finite element analysis, manufacturing automation, and independent third party testing and certification.

USAnchor follows the guiding principles of lean manufacturing

USAnchor follows the guiding principles of lean manufacturing by optimizing resources, reducing waste and drastically improving on delivery times of products.

Through extensive research within the fall protection industry we identified an opportunity to improve on a antiquated 30 year old manufacturing process that consumes energy, wastes materials, has high labor costs and unnecessary waste.

We follow the guiding principles of lean manufacturing

By automating our manufacturing process, engineering and developing stainless steel and aluminum products it substantially reduces the environmental impact from hot-dipped galvanizing steel fall protection products which is prevalent in the industry today.

USAnchor sells products, not projects and provides education in the form of coaching for our customers as we strive to reduce costs, increase quality and offer speedy delivery of fall protection products. Time is money.

Our vision is to lead the industry by manufacturing the highest quality fall protection products with a strong emphasis on safety with a low environmental impact. USAnchor manufacturing facility is located in the USA.

Customers have direct access to our online purchasing platform, extensive technical background and engineering support. Many manufacturers in the fall protection industry blur the lines by complicating the systems sold to their clients that may not meet the stringent code and regulations of today. Industry consultants eliminate the need of project driven companies by providing designs to meet or exceed the supply of code compliant systems. Once the system is designed by the consultant, the general contractor, developer or building owner purchases the specified product online at USAnchor.com. It’s that simple with no bias opinions or conflict of interest.

Come join our family and experience the different approach we exercise with the focus on our customers.